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The best microphones to record acoustic guitar

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Recording acoustic guitars is a challenge in itself. You want to capture the natural sound of your instrument while also catching the expressive playing from your performer for your recording.

You can overcome every challenge with the right tools.

In this article, we’ll cover which LEWITT microphones are best for recording acoustic guitars. If you’re looking for a new mic, take 5 minutes and let us help you.

If you’re new to miking up an acoustic, check out our blog “How to record acoustic guitars

Different styles need different mics

Acoustic guitars have a distinct and natural sound. You can use them in lots of different ways: there are nylon strings, there are western strings, there is fingerpicking, there is playing with a pick, and on and on it goes.

The acoustic guitar is a very versatile instrument. With some styles, you’ll have fast attack times. On some ballads, you’ll need the acoustic to be the slow and emotional centerpiece of your song, so it will have to sound larger than life.

You are going to need different microphones for different use-cases. So, let’s get started.

The best allrounder microphone for acoustic guitars

If you ask 10 audio engineers what mic to use for an acoustic, about 9 and a half will tell you to use a small diaphragm condenser microphone.

They are well-suited to their task because they have an excellent transient response, and the small mass diaphragm has a faster attack than their bigger brothers.

The transients define the characteristic sound of your instrument. Because of this, small diaphragm condenser microphones are perfect for recording acoustic guitar.

Small diaphragm condenser microphones

BeginnerLCT 040 MATCH


With its fast transient response, the LCT 040 MATCH makes your acoustic guitar sound crisp and defined.

Included: Mic clip, windscreen, transport bag


Enthusiast LCT 140 AIR


The bigger brother of the LCT 040 MATCH has more features: pad, low-cut, and switchable sound characteristics to give you more versatility when recording. You can switch between AIR, an open sound with a sparkling high-end and FLAT, for a highly-realistic sound.

Included: Mic clip, windscreen, transport bag



LCT 340 LCT 340

Professional multipurpose pencil microphone for clean and airy sound. Interchangeable capsules for maximum versatility. With lowcut and PAD.

Included: Mic mount, windscreen, transport bag

Stereo recording techniques for acoustic guitars

If you want acoustic guitars to have more presence in your mixes, recording in stereo is a viable option. You can use all our pencil (small diaphragm condenser) microphones together for stereo recordings. Also, check out the LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair.

Here are the most basic setups for stereo recording.

Microphone stereo recording techniques



Large diaphragm condenser microphones for the extra body and warmth

For certain songs, slow ballads for example, where the acoustic guitar is the centerpiece of the song, you may want to try recording with a large diaphragm condenser microphone to capture extra details, warmth, and body.


Beginner LCT 440 PURE


Its 1" true condenser cardioid capsule is the same one we use in our top models. Works well on any source. This is our studio microphone to record an entire album.

Included: Shock mount, magnetic pop filter, windscreen, transport bag


Enthusiast LCT 441 FLEX


This 1″ multi-pattern studio microphone with top-of-the-line technology delivers full-bodied sound for acoustic instruments. Plus, it has eight polar patterns for ultimate flexibility.

Included: Shock mount, magnetic pop filter, windscreen, transport bag


Professional LCT 640 TS

LCT 640 TS

This 1" multi-pattern studio condenser is one of the best mics you can get for recording acoustic instruments. You can record the front and back of the mic on separate channels, which enables you to record in stereo with one microphone or to dynamically change the polar pattern after recording.

Included: Shock mount, magnetic pop filter, windscreen, transport case


Even with the affordable options, LEWITT microphones provide excellent sound for recording acoustic guitars. We offer many solutions for many applications, and we hope this article helped you to choose the right mic.

If you are still unsure what product would suit your needs best, feel free to talk to us via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We’re happy to help!

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