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The right microphone for acoustic guitar

Which microphone is perfect for acoustic guitar? Here's a small overview to help you find the right microphone for you. 

Jun 25, 2020 2 min read

Thomas K. Tobias
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Acoustic guitar

Do you want to start recording your guitar? This small overview helps you find the right microphone for you. 

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LCT 140 AIR - Easily get the sound you want


The LCT 140 AIR features two sound characteristics, AIR and FLAT. You can easily switch to the sound that fits your guitar. To retain the natural musicality of your acoustic guitar, the LCT 140 AIR delivers an excellent transient response. 

  • Switch between realistic sound or add some sparkling highs
  • Low-cut filter and pad
  • Also available as stereo pair

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LCT 040 MATCH - Better sound with stereo

LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair


By recording your guitar in stereo, you'll create a more authentic listening experience. To make recording as easy as possible, the LCT 040 MATCH provides professionally refined sound, right from the moment you hit "rec".

  • Perfectly matched stereo pair
  • Well-balanced sound with pleasant high-end

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The LCT 040 MATCH is also available as a single mic

LCT 640 TS - The high-level recording multi-talent

LCT 640 TS

The award-winning LCT 640 TS makes your acoustic guitar sound sensational. It works as a traditional multi-pattern microphone, a stereo microphone, and a mic that can change the polar pattern after the fact. 

  • Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound
  • Revolutionary Dual Output Mode
  • POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern after the fact
  • Stereo capabilities
  • Shock mount, windscreen, magnetic pop filter

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LCT 240 PRO - The home recording specialist


The LCT 240 PRO delivers a very "produced" sound right from the beginning. It has never been easier to lay down your ideas quickly without compromising on sound quality. 

  • Tailored for easy home recording 
  • "Record-ready" sound
  • Works great on many different sources

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