In this review Phil O'Keefe of the electronic musician magazine not only took a close look at the LCT 940, but also at eight other microphones in eight different categories. First he covered some of the typical characteristics and defined features of the mic category, then he had a closer look at the particular model, and closed with some other microphones that fall into roughly the same mic category type.

Conclusion: "Mics with both tube and solid-state signal paths are extremely rare, and the LCT 940 is the only one I’ve seen that can blend between a warm, fat tube sound and a clean, clear FET sound in any ratio.

This mic is open-sounding and very detailed, but not hyped or harsh. Even without the FET/tube signal-path blending, the many different low-frequency rolloff settings and polar patterns provide exceptional sonic adjustability. This is the first LEWITT I’ve tried, but it won’t be the last - I’m very impressed that a single mic can give this degree of versatility, and fit so well with a wide range of sound sources."

LCT 940 Teaser
LCT 940

Clear and crisp FET sound.
Warm and rich tube sound.
One microphone.