Supa Dups

"As a producer I always want the best sound!"

Supa Dups in studio with his DGT 650 high quality USB Microphone

Dwayne Chin-Quee, better known as Supa Dups, is a Jamaican record producer, a drummer, a DJ, and a member of Florida-based sound system Black Chiney. He's also part of the duo D.A. & the Supa Dups with Chester French lead vocalist D.A. Wallach, and he has worked with top-shelf dancehall, R&B and hip hop artists like Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and Pitbull. Supa Dups has won three Grammy Awards so far as a producer on albums by Drake, Bruno Mars, and Eminem.

Supa Dups: "LEWITT produces very reliable microphones; you never get a bad recording out of a LEWITT. Actually, my favorite mic is the LCT 550, because it has really low self-noise and sounds just damn good on anything you put it on. The fact that it can handle literally everything I’ll throw at it is what I like most about the LCT 550: whether it’s guitars or vocals … and it can handle drums, as well. It’s a very neutral mic that reminds me of the AKG 414, but it’s different in a great way since it sounds more modern. It just sounds amazing!

I’ve been traveling so much lately, and I always bring the LCT 550 and the DGT 650 along with me. I use the DGT 650 for demo recording, even if its sound quality is actually good enough to make it onto a record. In the Jamaican world, I record these things called dubplates. Technically, a dubplate is when there is a popular song where you go to the artist and the artist revoices the same song – they might change the lyrics, and you put in another sound. Recently, I went to a hotel room and recorded O.T. Genasis with an DGT 650, and it sounded almost the same as on the record. I’ve also recommended the DGT 650 to lots of friends of mine, and Michael Franti, for example, started to record his new album on the road with the help of the DGT 650. Most of the time I use it in mono, and it sounds damn good!

The LCT 940 is my preferred vocal mic, though I haven’t been using it a lot lately due to the fact that I’ve mostly been away from my recording environment. It’s a mic that always delivers: I can get beautiful warm tube expressiveness, an incredibly articulated in-your-face FET sound, or anything in between.

Another thing I like about LEWITT is that there’s no compromise in terms of sound quality reflecting what the microphones cost. There are lots of other mics out there, but LEWITT is the champion for me."

Supa Dups also uses the DGT 650 stereo USB recording solution and interface and shows in the video how easy it is to produce a good recording with the mic:

Supa Dups about the recording process: "Normally, I’d have to plug in a bunch of stuff. But with the DGT 650, I can just plug it into my iPhone and use it to record all the instruments, except for the drum samples. I’ve used the LEWITT as a sound card for electric guitars, and as a mic for acoustic guitars. The DGT 650 is good enough to make a record with. I know – I make lots of great records. I’m surprised by how clean it is and by the mic’s quality."

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